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Mina Davoudianfar


Clinical Trial Manager

I joined the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences in April 2013 . My role is to set-up, manage and deliver clinical trials at GP practices. The projects that I am currently working on are as follows:

HEAT- A large randomised controlled trial designed to investigate whether a one week course of H. pylori eradication will reduce the incidence of gastric ulcer bleeding in patients using aspirin ≤325mg daily.

EXPERT- A randomised controlled trial which forms part of the NIHR programme ‘Examining the role of patients’ experiences as a resource for choice and decision-making in health care’. The trial forms part of a programme of work which began in 2010 and aims to find out whether, when and how the NHS should incorporate people’s experiences into on-line health information.

POWeR2- A behavioural study to estimate the effectiveness of an internet based behavioural intervention with face-to-face support and remote support among obese patients in primary care.

Prior to my current role, I was working in Oncology Clinical Trials Office (Department of Oncology) for six years, working on different phase III randomised cancer trials.