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Nargis Begum

BSc (Hons), MSc

Clinical Trial Manager

I currently work as a Clinical Trial Manager on the HABIT Trial, which is part of the Health Behaviours Theme. The HABIT study aims to look at Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as treatment to Insomnia. Insomnia is characterised as problems with starting and/ or maintaining sleep and affects around 10-12% of adults in Europe. Currently GPs are limited to providing sleep hygiene guidelines or providing hypnotics for treatment, which are known to have side-effects. Sleep Restriction Therapy is a CBT based approach looking at treating insomnia, by training practice nurses as a cost-effective alternative to current treatment. 

I joined the Department in February 2018 as an Assistant Trial Manager for the BARACK-D Trial, which is investigating the use of Spironolactone in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. 

Prior to working at PC-CTU, I worked on Phase I/II dose-escalation oncology and immunotherapy studies at the Oncology Clinical Trials Office at Oxford University as a Clinical Trial Monitor. I also worked as a Data Manager and Trials Assistant on a large Phase III multi-arm multi-stage oncology trial at MRC CTU at UCL. I have also worked as a Research Administrator for the NIHR Clinical Research Network on observational non-CTIMP studies in neurodegenerative disorders and dementias.