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MSc in Translational Health Sciences

Sara is a tutor on the following modules:

Sustainble Health Care
Introduction and Research Methods for Translational Science
Health Organisations and Policy
Technological Innovation and Digital Health

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Sara Shaw

Professor of Health Policy & Practice

Sara Shaw is Professor of Health Policy & Practice at the University of Oxford and Senior Fellow at Green Templeton College. She has a background in sociology and policy studies and interests in the organisation and delivery of health care including the development, implementation, spread, scale up and sustainability of health and care technologies. 

Sara leads a programme of work on technology-enabled care, including remote and video consulting. This overlaps with an interest in sustainable health care and a commitment to supporting the shift to net zero health services by 2045. She is currently supported by an AHSN/BRC Fellowship, specifically to build research and debate at the intersection of technology-enabled care and sustainable health care. She has published widely on topics ranging from the adoption, spread and scale up of digital health and integrated care, to critical approaches to understanding policy.

Since completing her PhD back in 2006, in which she used discourse analysis to examine the development of health-related policy, she has maintained a keen interest in language, communication and power in health service delivery. She has significant experience of qualitative research, and is internationally renowned for her work on linguistic ethnography and policy.

Sara is interested to hear from potential DPhil students, particularly those with an active interest in the development and spread of environmentally sustainable health and care, but currently has a full quote for 2023 and a waiting list for 2024.