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Sharon Mickan

Honorary Tutor - Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

  • Professor of Allied Health for Gold Coast Health and Griffith University
  • Visiting Fellow - Kellogg College

I am working in the evidence based health care community, developing and supervising research and teaching. My research focus is investigating and documenting the efficient implementation of research into practice. I use a range of methodologies to better recognise the barriers and facilitators to change at individual, team and organisational levels.

I teach and supervise research activity in the area of knowledge translation; which is the active application of current research evidence in clinical practice. My aim is to translate what is known from the research evidence into practice improvement. This process often begins with the identification of gaps in clinical practice between what is known and what is being done. Following on from an organisational analysis of a particular health system, an implementation plan can be developed to improve practice to integrate current research evidence. It is important to evaluate and plan for the sustainability of these improvements.

I am also developing a continuum of engagement for health care professionals to recognise different ways to use and contribute to the research evidence base. 

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