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Siân Rees

Codiretor, Oxford Empathy Programme

Siân is the Codirector of the Oxford Empathy Programme and Director for Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Experience for Oxford AHSN

Siân has a background in public health medicine with over a decade of policy development experience at the Department of Health, providing briefing and advice to ministers, working closely with the Press Office and leading on such diverse areas as co-morbidity, mental health inquiries and the National Mental Health Standard Contract. Prior to this she was Director of Mental Health on the board of North Mersey Community and Mental Health Trust with personal responsibility for six clinical directorates. Whilst there she instigated work to develop new models of service delivery, gaining significant additional investment from commissioners. In previous posts she has worked as a public health advisor to commissioning teams at local and national level and worked in health promotion.

Siân enjoys working at the interface: between organisations and services, managing diverse stakeholders and across agencies. Throughout her career Sian has endeavoured to hear what matter most to those she is working with and incorporate this into action - whether listening to patients in clinic, engaging with local service users to hear how they feel about the care they are getting, directly managing staff or hearing the devastating impact of suicide or homicide on a family. This has proved to be a repeatedly humbling experience and helps ensure she remains grounded in the real world.

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