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Su May Liew

MBBS, MMed, DPhil

Senior Fellow - Centre for Evidence Based Medicine

am a Senior Fellow of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. I regularly teach and facilitate at CEBM workshops. I also coordinate the module for Teaching Evidence Based Practice for the Masters in Evidence Based Health Care, Oxford University. Having completed my DPhil at the Department of Primary Health Care, Oxford University, have now returned to my position as academic clinical lecturer in the Department of Primary Care Medicine, University of Malaya.  

My research interest is wide and includes cardiovascular risk assessment, patient safety and evidence-based practice. Previously, as a fellow of the AsiaLink program (a project funded by the European Union between Oxford University, Utrecht University, University of Malaya and Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusomo in Jakarta), I helped to run EBM workshops in Malaysia and Indonesia.

I enjoy teaching Evidence Based Medicine and my aim is to promote the development and practice of EBM especially in Asia.

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