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Sufen Zhu

BSc MPhil

Research Assistant

Sufen joined the Health Behaviours Team as a research assistant in August 2021. Most of her research focuses on developing and examining interventions for weight management and smoking cessation. She is currently co-designing interventions to prevent multiple morbidities for people with mental illnesses. She is also involved in several randomized controlled trials, such as the RESULT study, which looks at the effects of a digitally delivered low-carbohydrate diet for people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes.

Sufen is a part of the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction group, working on multiple projects on smoking cessation interventions, including component network meta-analyses looking at the comparative effectiveness, safety and tolerability of different smoking cessation pharmacotherapies and electronic cigarettes.

She is also interested in using primary care databases to understand the association between gestational diabetes and subsequent mental health disorders.

Before joining Oxford, she completed her Mphil in Primary Care Research at the University of Cambridge, where she mainly explored the impact of participating in atrial fibrillation screening on future health behaviours.