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Yolanda Warren

Acting Trial Manager

I work in the Health Behaviours team concentrating on: 

  • PANDA-s trial, which is a cohort study seeking to develop a prediction model using diagnostic and prognostic information to accurately predict 6 month outcomes of shoulder pain and disability.
  • MaSC, A study that looks into the management of smoking in primary care
  • DIAMOnD is a feasibility study looking into the Dietary Approaches to the Management Of type 2 Diabetes. 

With a strong background in Internal and Clinical Audit, I moved across to pilot a post as a Physician's Assistant.  This position combined clinic management, audit of the Endocrinology Department and clinical trials.

I went on to study for a degree in Midwifery.  After many years of practising as a midwife I have returned to research with a hope of combining Midwifery and Health Behaviours to undertake a PhD in the near future.