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On Thursday 13th July I joined a group of approximately 20 colleagues to visit Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. The weather was kind and allowed us to explore with ease.

I joined PHC on 19th June as a ‘Study Coordinator’ and this experience was the perfect way to get to know my new colleagues. We were able to walk around the park at our own pace and talk freely. There were members of the Cancer Theme, CPRD and ORCHID-E. It not only gave me a greater understanding of how each team works and connects with one another, it allowed me to put faces to names, meeting in person was invaluable. The informal setting worked well as an ice breaker to opening up initial conversations about the animals, which could then lead to sharing experiences and knowledge.

Things I learnt:

  • Everyone is happy to talk about their current work and the journey they took to get where they are now, each being so different to the next.
  • No question is a silly question-we are a team.
  • Some penguins are complete show offs.
  • The Southern Cassowary has deadly claws, however likes to dance-specifically for the ladies!

We rounded the afternoon off back at The Rickety Press for a fabulous evening meal-and maybe one or two drinks.

I can honestly say that I am very happy with my new role and becoming part of this department.

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