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Particularly suited to those who are planning or working on projects with a qualitative dimension, this programme:

  • equips health professionals, researchers and policy makers with an understanding of the different methodological approaches to qualitative research,
  • develops core skills in interviewing, running focus groups, conducting ethnographic observation, and data analysis,
  • combines the latest theory with the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of our research-active tutors,
  • extends knowledge and skills through specialist courses in NVivo, online qualitative research, and conversation analysis.

Taking place in a range of University of Oxford venues, face-to-face sessions blend formal lectures with practical workshops and group discussion.

This highly-regarded programme, led by Charlotte Albury is designed and delivered by a team of qualitative researchers in Medical Sociology & Health Experiences Research Group. The group have been running successful interviewing and analysis courses for over ten years alongside their qualitative research focusing on the personal experiences of health conditions. Many of the findings from this research, together with supported video, audio and text extracts, form the the multi-award winning patient experience website -, as well as informing local and national healthcare policy. 

Course syllabuses draw on a wide range of expertise from within the group, including the disciplinary areas of medical sociology, anthropology and public policy.