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Tourette’s ‘no laughing matter’ as comedians team up with researchers to tackle stigma

Patient experience Policy & health systems

Building on recent research highlighting the unmet social care needs of adults with Tourette’s, academics from Bath and Oxford are teaming up with comedians with the condition to challenge the stereotypes and stigma that exist.

Updated Cochrane Review shows electronic cigarettes can help people quit smoking but more evidence is needed on long-term harms

Health behaviours Research methods & EBM

Newly updated Cochrane evidence published today in the Cochrane Library finds that electronic cigarettes containing nicotine could increase the number of people who stop smoking compared to nicotine replacement therapy – such as chewing gum and patches – and compared to no treatment, or electronic cigarettes without nicotine. More information is needed on harms.

Oxfordshire-based SCAN pathway wins BMJ award

Awards & appointments Health Services Research

A pathway designed to investigate individuals with non-specific but concerning symptoms of cancer wins the BMJ Awards 2020 Cancer Care Team of the Year.

PRINCIPLE Trial of COVID-19 treatments recruits 1000th participant

COVID-19 Clinical trials Infection & acute care

More than 1000 people across the UK have signed-up to take part in the UK-wide PRINCIPLE Trial of potential community-based treatments for COVID-19, led by Oxford University.

Gender differences in heart failure care need to be addressed

Big data Cardiovascular & metabolic

Women tend to be diagnosed with heart failure five years older than men, but have a better prognosis, finds research published in the European Journal of Heart Failure.

How is video consulting changing health services?

COVID-19 Health Services Research

A project looking at video consulting during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic is funded by The Health Foundation

PRINCIPLE Trial to strengthen Black, Asian and minority ethnic community participation

COVID-19 Clinical trials

Professor Mahendra G Patel, University of Bradford, joins PRINCIPLE Trial as National Black, Asian and minority ethnic Community and Pharmacy Lead

1,700 GP practices contribute patient data for Oxford COVID-19 research

Big data COVID-19

Researchers have hailed a ‘fantastic’ response from more than 1,700 GP practices who have stepped forward to contribute patient data for vital COVID-19 research from the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences – tripling the amount of data available.

GP gut feelings may have a role in cancer diagnosis

Patient experience Policy & health systems

The study highlights the art of General Practice - GPs can pick up a lot from the way patients behave.

Honey better than usual care for easing respiratory symptoms, especially cough

Policy & health systems Students

It’s cheap, readily available, and has virtually no side effects. Doctors can recommend it, finds research.

Prioritising patients with unexpected weight loss for cancer investigation

Big data Digital health & innovation Policy & health systems

New research will help GPs to identify the signs, symptoms, and blood test results they should look for to swiftly diagnose cancer in people with unexpected weight loss. The findings have implications for existing health policy and guidelines.

PRINCIPLE and ZOE partner to widen access to trial


Oxford University and the COVID Symptom Study app are joining forces to widen access to the PRINCIPLE trial of potential treatments for COVID-19.

Home tests for colorectal cancer could prioritise patients for referral

Big data

Non-invasive home-based tests that detect blood in patient stool samples offer an accurate and appropriate triaging method for GPs, finds research led by University of Oxford researchers.

Probiotics do not reduce antibiotic prescribing in care home residents, shows study

Clinical trials Infection & acute care

There is no evidence to suggest a daily combination of probiotics reduces the need for antibiotics to treat acute infections in care home residents, finds a study led by Oxford University researchers published in JAMA.

QResearch database researchers collaborate on two major cancer projects

Big data

Researchers in the Primary Care Epidemiology Group are joining two landmark projects to combine healthcare data and artificial intelligence to improve cancer diagnosis

CEBM launches Open Evidence Reviews

Providing timely updates of the evidence on particular aspects of COVID-19 in real-time.

Professor Kamal R. Mahtani awarded John Fry Award

Awards & appointments Research methods & EBM

The RCGP’s award for promoting the discipline of general practice through research and publishing goes to the CEBM’s Deputy Director

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