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Christine A'Court

Clinical Researcher & GP

Fatene Abakar Ismail

Research Assistant

Julie Allen

Infectious Diseases Trial Manager

Jeffrey Aronson

Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist

Nerys Astbury

Droplet Trial Manager

Helen Atherton

Honorary Postdoctoral Researcher

Paul Aveyard

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

Clare Bankhead

University Research Lecturer

Eleanor Barry

NIHR In Practice Fellow and General Practitioner

Madeleine Bastawrous

Honorary Researcher

Clare Bateman

Clinical Trials Co-ordinator, BARACK D Trial

Sonya Beecher

Trial Administrator

Rachna Begh

NIHR Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Claire Blacklock

Honorary Clinical Researcher

Nicola Blakey

Assistant Trial Manager

Emily Bongard

Infectious Diseases Trial Manager

Anne-Marie Boylan

CLAHRC Research Fellow

Rebecca Brice

Clinical Trials Administrator

Chris Butler

Professor of Primary Care

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Ali Albasri

DPhil Student

Charlotte Albury

DPhil Student

Luke Allen

Academic Clinical Fellow

Thanusha Ananthakumar

Academic Clinical Fellow

Helen Ashdown

Clinical Research Fellow

Filippo Bianchi

DPhil Student

Niklas Bobrovitz

DPhil Student

Rachel Brettell

Academic Clinical Fellow

Alexandra Cairns

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow

Dylan Collins

DPhil Candidate

James M N Duffy

NIHR Doctoral Fellow, Balliol College

Seun Esan

DPhil Student

Alexander Finlayson

Academic Clinical Fellow

Ben Fletcher

DPhil Student

Kome Gbinigie

Academic Clinical Fellow

Clare Goyder

Academic Clinical Fellow

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

Senior Researcher (Health Behaviours), Managing Editor (Cochrane Tobacco ...

Nicholas Jones

Academic Clinical Fellow

Kerstin Frie

DPhil Student

Constantinos Koshiaris


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Julia Beese

Personal Assistant to Professor Andrew Farmer

Jacqueline Belcher

Finance Assistant

Lydia Berry

Project Manager and Personal Assistant

Ruth Davis

CEBM Centre Manager

Dawn Evans

Finance Assistant

Kate Farrington

NIHR School for Primary Care Research Communications Officer

Emma-Jane Greig

Acting Project Manager/ Personal Assistant

Gavin Hubbard

NIHR CLAHRC Oxford Communications Officer

Zulema Jimenez Perez

Office Assistant

Caroline Jordan


Sarah King

Grants Officer

Joanna Lach

Office Assistant

Veronica Lazaro Lorente

Finance Assistant

Daniel Long

Postgraduate Training Administrator

Sam Monaghan

Finance Officer

Karen Morecroft

Project Officer, NIHR SPCR & CLAHRC Oxford

Ellie Morgan-Jones

DEC Administrator and Personal Assistant to Prof Ann Van den Bruel and Dr Gail ...

Sarah Morrish

Personal Assistant to Professor Paul Aveyard and Professor Susan Jebb

Jessy Morton

Office Manager

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