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Contact one of our researchers, students or professional support staff.

Felix Achana

Senior Researcher in Health Economics

Utkarsh Agrawal

Research Fellow

Adaku Agwunobi

Oluwafunmi Akinyemi

Researcher in Evidence Synthesis

Caterina Alacevich

Honorary Research Fellow

Ali Albasri

Honorary Research Fellow

Charlotte Albury

Associate Professor

Rachel Allan

Deputy Academic Lead for Undergraduate GP Teaching

Emma Allum

Clinical Trials Systems Support

Matthew Allwood

Clinical Trial Data Co-ordinator

Anica Alvarez Nishio

Ben Amies-Cull

Health modeller

Erin Amor

Trials Administrator

Sneha Anand

Project Manager

Rebecca Anderson-Kittow

Research Fellow

Karin Andre

Practice Liaison Officer

Colm Andrews

Data Scientist

Kelsey Armitage

Trial Manager

Jeffrey K Aronson

Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist

Katie Arundell

Study Coordinator

Helen Ashdown

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Primary Care

Nerys Astbury

Senior Researcher - Diet & Obesity

Emma Atakpa

Paul Aveyard

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

Yenabeb Ayalew

Clinical Trial Administrator

Seb Bacon

Chief Technical Officer

Lauren Bandy


Clare Bankhead

Professor of Epidemiology and Research Design

Christopher Banks-Pillar

Research assistant

Rebecca Barnes

Associate Professor

Sarah Barrett

Assistant Trial Manager

Clare Bateman

Assistant Trial Manager

Paul Bateman

Statistical Programmer

Nicholas Beale

Assistant Trial Manager

Sonya Beecher

Trial Coordinator

Rachna Begh

Deputy Course Director, MSc Translational Health Sciences & University Research ...

Liliia Bespala

Academic Visitor

Sophie Betteridge

Kam Bhui

Professor of Psychiatry, Senior Clinical Researcher

Corneliu Bolbocean

Senior Researcher in Health Economics

Aleksandra (Ola) Borek

Senior Qualitative Researcher in Behavioural Science

Laia Bosque Mercader

Research Fellow in Health Economics

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