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Our patient panel gets up to all sorts of things in the GP-SUS study (Whatever happened to all those attempts to change access to General Practice).

We asked them to help us decide the logo for the study. Simple?

You might be surprised at how diverse people’s views are, and how incredibly observant they are. This is a great start to appreciating lots of different perspectives.

We had three to choose from, the first two designed by our comms team in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care at Oxford and the third by Warwick qualitative researcher Abi Eccles.

 GP-SUS1.pngGP-SUS logoGP-SUS2.png


 Here is a selection of the comments.

(Spoiler alert: the second one above, with the blue, in capital letters, won by one vote).

The first one:

“I was a little thrown by the mismatch of the Yale key with a mortice keyhole in the lowercase version.”

“I prefer the lower-case to upper-case look.”

The second one:

“I like the idea of the key, but I am not sure how easy it will be to recognise?”

“very simple decision number 2 logo caught my attention and clear and concise the one in blue.  the words GP-SUS are a logo in itself no need for pictures or signs”

“It took me a while to see the Yale key in the capital letter version of the logo.”

“I prefer the colour version in the centre.”

“Use of different colours. Warm colours. Purple, Red or mixed maybe a rainbow coming out of the letters. “


And the third one, which was thrown in to the mix later:

“I like the one that is round with the keyhole!”

“I like the new one! Can the text be another colour though, maybe that turquoise colour used in the other logo?”

“I do not like the newest version of the logo.”

We asked the panel to vote and the team are delighted to have our new logo. We thank all of our panel for this early contribution to our study and look forward to working with them over the next couple of years. 

Do look out for a future blog about the first stakeholder workshop in July, where we had a lively discussion about different types of GP access.


Toto, 12 Aug 2022


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