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Join the University of Oxford and the Two-Week Systematic Review (2weekSR) Team from the Institute for Evidence-Based Practice Healthcare (IEBH) for a full-day workshop on using automation tools to improve the speed of synthesising evidence. This workshop covers a suite of free automation tools, known as the Systematic Review Accelerator (SRA). The workshop comprises live demos and hands-on tutorials that will teach participants how to conduct an evidence synthesis in an accelerated time frame. The full list of tools covered in the workshop are:

1. The Methods Wizard

2. The Word Frequency Analyser

3. The SearchRefinery

4. The Polyglot Search Translator

5. The Deduplicator

6. The Screenatron

7. The Disputatron

8. SpiderCite

9. RevMan Replicant

This workshop is a joint presentation between the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford and the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, Bond University.  


Academic / NHS
12/09/2023 12/09/2023 £225.00 [Read More]
Commercial rate
12/09/2023 12/09/2023 £325.00 [Read More]
Medical & Health Science Students
12/09/2023 12/09/2023 £150.00 [Read More]
NIHR Applied Research Collaboration / (ARCs) 
12/09/2023 12/09/2023 £200 Book Course [Read More]