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Room 1: Quiet Room


Room 2: Wellbeing taster sessions

During some of the breaks: meditation and micro-choir sessions

Room 3: Teaching and Green Impact

All about our Undergraduate  TeachingTeam and our Green Impact Team

Room 4: Living our values

Patient and Public Involvement, Athena Swan & Diversity, Department Values

Match the baby to Senior Academic Committee (SAC) members

Room 5: Finance, Grants and HR

Find out all about money, getting and managing grants and HR service

Prayer Room (Pusey Room at Keble)

For attendees observing Ramadan

Mats provided

O'Reilly Theatre Douglas Price
8:00 Registration in Arco Room with coffee, tea, danishes and fruit / view posters

Transforming Primary Care
Chair: Kamal Mahtani

Showcasing some of our research that is helping to influence and improve primary care

  • Francesca Dakin - Resilience in general practice
  • Chrysanthi Papoutsi - Group/hybrid consultation
  • Georgette Eaton - Paramedics in primary care

Minds and bodies : Our research spans mental and physical health – here’s a look at some of our innovative work about both
Chair: Rachel Pechey

  • Michael Kidd - Research spanning mental and physical health - plans for the Global Primary Care research theme
  • Megan Kirk Chang - Metabolic Psychiatry: bridging the gap between primary care and psychiatric research
  • Elena Tsompanaki - Weight loss and the risk for disordered eating; does looking after the body take a toll on the mind?
10:00 Refreshments and posters in Arco Room / visit information stands on 2nd floor

From the cradle to the grave
Chair: Nerys Astbury

Primary care makes an impact across the lifecycle : here’s some of our research about pregnancy, children and older people

  • Ruya Abdulsalam - Trajectories of biomarkers of type 2 diabetes following pregnancy affected by gestational diabetes
  • Chloe Chessell - The Oxford Psychological Interventions for Children and adolescents (TOPIC) Research Group
  • Melissa Little - Views of adolescents with excess weight towards weight and weight management
  • Jenny Hirst – Inequalities in HRT – from uptake to health outcomes
  • Becky Garnett – Investigating the willingness of patients and informal caregivers to deprescribe medication

Drugs + data = powerful stuff
Chair: Sue Ziebland

We’ve got big data and we know about medicines – this session brings this work together

  • Brian MacKenna - OpenSAFELY: making reproducibility an unavoidable default
  • Helen Curtis - Using GP data for research and service improvement
  • Rebecca Barnes - Is bigger data always better? Getting up close to (de)prescribing in structured medication reviews
O'Reilly Theatre
11:00 Refreshments and posters in Arco Room / visit information stands on 2nd floor

Little acronyms (ARC, MIC, HPRU, PRU, BRC) make big impacts
Chair: Gail Hayward

A chance to learn about some of our important groups and centres that get research evidence into health and care services

  • Paula Wray - Connecting the Dots: How the NIHR ARC OxTV Links Research to Local Impact
  • Philip Turner - NIHR MIC and HRC: Optimising development and evaluation of community healthtech Sarah Tonkin-Crine - Health Protection Research Units (HPRUs): a collaboration with UKHSA
  • Clare Bankhead - NIHR Cancer Awareness Screening and Early Diagnosis PRU
  • Rajan Patel - NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) - Intro to the ‘Digital Health from Hospital To Home’ theme

Welcome by the Head of Department Richard Hobbs
Values Awards Launch

12:15 Lunch in the Dining Hall

Career pathways: rapid talks from different rungs on the career ladder
Chair: Lauren Bandy

  • Roisin Dillon - Don’t follow the yellow brick road!
  • Dimitrios Koutoukidis - How many rejections does it take to get a fellowship?
  • Sara Shaw - I’m going on a bear hunt

Risky business: A selection of our work unpacking risk and looking at how safety netting can mitigate it
Chair: Richard Stevens

  • Claire Friedemann-Smith - Safety-netting for potential cancer symptoms: communicating, recording, and following up risk
  • Ariel Wang - Predicting the risks of electrolyte abnormality – Development & validation of the STRATIFY-Hyperkalaemia and Hyponatraemia prediction models
  • Defne Saatci - Derivation and validation of risk prediction models for childhood, teenage and young adult cancer

Tackling health inequalities
Chair: Pete Scarborough

Highlighting some of our projects that address the thorny problem of inequality

  • Bakita Kasadha - Investigating how people research their own health condition(s)
  • Marta Wanat - Tackling the global problem of antibiotic resistance by engaging with local communities: a qualitative study with Eastern Europeans and primary care clinicians in the UK
  • Mahendra Patel - The Centre for Research Equity

Refreshments and posters in Arco Room / visit information stands on 2nd floor


One thing I do: lightning talks from our Professional Services Staff to give an insight into what they do
Chair: Lucy Curtin

  • Freya Cooke - Getting your money back
  • Polly Kerr - Training the ‘people’ people
  • Kate Markham - Diary mastery is precision play
  • Andrew Kong - Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  • Cristina Arraes - Grants behind the scenes
  • Judy Irving - Clearing a path in the bureaucratic jungle
  • Gavin Hubbard - Comms: the bottom bit of the swan...
  • Nicola Webb - What is HR Operations?
  • Gemma Webb - Improving working spaces
  • Melanie Carr - 3 Tips for Clinical Trial Management
  • Ruth Sanders - Part of the furniture: the benefits and drawbacks of being a long term staff member
16:00 Guest speaker, Aziz Sheikh - Strategic priorities for the next phase of NDPCHS: Beginning the conversation…
16:30 Prizes for posters and treasure hunt!
17:15 Drinks and canapés in Arco Room at Keble