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Senior researchers at Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford are offering a one-off workshop in February 2021 to School for Primary Care Research departments. The workshop aimed to support those who need to collect and analyse data for diversity and inclusion purposes will provide an introduction to the different methods such as surveys, interviews and focus groups. The two hour session will not be able to cover all the details of these methods but will outline the approach and issues to consider.

The session is aimed at professional, support or admin staff who do not necessarily have a research background such as HR colleagues, EDI practitioners, and administrators.

The session is offered for free as part of NDPCHS EDI and Athena Swan work. Participants will be asked to complete a short satisfaction survey following the workshop and a survey self-reflecting if they have been able to use or implement learnings from the workshop one month after the workshop.


Feedback from the workshop run in 2021 at University of Oxford:

Really useful brief overview of pros and cons of different approaches and factors to consider

Really enjoyed the session and would recommend

Very engaging speakers who knew their stuff and were great guides for the breakout sessions