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This intensive course online offers a comprehensive overview of core concepts, principles, and analytical methods in health economics and policy assessment. Optimized for PhD students, researchers, health professionals, administrators and executives, it provides crucial skills to excel in data-driven health policy roles.

Over 2 days online, the curriculum explores theoretical foundations from the economics of healthcare markets to pragmatic policy evaluation techniques. Through blended lectures, case studies, and data analyses in Stata software, participants will build proficiency applying health economic tools to inform real-world decisions and interventions.

Key topics include:  
- Health Economics and policy evaluation
- Interrupted time series, panel data, instrumental variables and policy evaluation techniques  
- Case studies
- Agency problems and incentive structures in healthcare
- Hospital competition and payment scheme impacts
- Economic evaluation methods and applications
- Statistical analysis of policies with patient datasets
- Hands-on Stata software training with health data

This intensive course will equip participants across research and practice with state-of-the-art capabilities to conduct economic analyses that shape the future of health policy. By progressing from critical frameworks to practical analytical expertise, attendees will be prepared to strategically evaluate programs and drive better population health decisions.

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