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In this talk Jen will draw on qualitative interview data from semi-structured and unstructured interviews with various workplace stakeholders. Showing how the leaky bodies of workers remain poorly theorised and are unrecognised in workplace environment, policy and practice.

Blood and other uncontained bodily fluids are highly regulated by societal disgust and through feelings of shame. The unbounded, unpredictable leaky body, liable to leave traces of transgressions through odours and stains must be carefully concealed in social situations – particularly that of the workplace, where there remains an assumption of the ‘ideal worker’. The ideal worker does not leak.

Read more about Jen and her work here

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods – Guest speaker event

Monday 06 February 15:30 (via Zoom)

Meeting ID: 964 3435 8026

Passcode: ZA2dHPXStu