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Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences
Internal mailing list guidelines

August 2014. Updated November 2019.


Internal mailing lists are used to distribute newsworthy and relevant content to staff and students associated with the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. This primarily takes the form of a weekly internal e-newsletter, which is distributed each Friday and is intended to collate items throughout the week into one email. This aims to reduce the number of internal emails received by department members about departmental/institutional matters.

The Weekly Update should be short, scannable and focussed, with links to additional content either on the department intranet or elsewhere.

Included in the weekly update:

  • Department seminar programme
  • Relevant university/external events
  • University and department notices, including administration and facilities updates
  • Notice of new starters
  • Appointments and awards
  • Training and funding opportunities
  • Internal vacancies
  • Research news and latest publications
  • Staff social announcements and personal fundraising news

Excluded from the weekly update:

  • Non-departmental vacancies
  • Notices of relevance to a distinct group of people, where a direct email or word-of-mouth will suffice (e.g. message to DPhil students only).
  • Personal announcements that lead to financial gain for that individual (e.g. items for sale, holiday homes to rent
  • Promotion of political or religious views.
  • Links to petitions not already backed by the University.

While internal notices should only be distributed via the Weekly Update, on occasion the internal mailing list can be utilised for emergency messages, time-sensitive messages, specific call-to-actions, and distribution of events from OxTalks. These are at the discretion of the head of communications, department administrator or office manager.

All messages sent to the list require moderation, which is usually carried out by a senior administrator or the communications team. Staff are discouraged from adding individual email addresses of all staff to an email as a means of bypassing the list.