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Department members wishing to organise a seminar are welcome to do so using the guide below.

If you wish to organise a larger, multi-speaker conference, see our guide to organising an event


  • All seminars should ideally start and finish within “core hours” (10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday).


  • If you wish to organise a seminar, contact to book a room.
  • Contact the Reception Team if you need to cancel – give as much notice as possible so that the slot can be filled.
  • Contact to request support to publicise your seminar (i.e. in the Weekly Update).
  • You can create your own poster using this template.


  • Add your seminar to the shared excel spreadsheet on the Z-drive: Z:\DPHPC_slideshows\Seminars
  • After the seminar, make a note of the number of attendees on the spreadsheet.  If possible, note the number of internal and external attendees. 


  • Room booking.
  • Publicising on Oxtalks / website  / weekly newsletter.