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Meeting rooms can be booked via PlanOn:

Radcliffe Primary Care Building

  • RPC Meeting Room 1: Seats 14 boardroom style
  • RPC Meeting Room 2: Seats 14 boardroom style
  • RPC Panelled Room:   Seats 6 boardroom style

If you are booking a meeting room or event please ensure you have read and understood the University's code of practice which you can find here.

St Luke's Chapel

  • Lecture – 90 people
  • Classroom – 30 people
  • Hospitality orders can be placed with the classroom and boardroom style meetings.

Charges: St Luke's Chapel is under the "ROQ Shared Space Agreement" which means it is free to NDPCHS during term time 9am - 5pm.  Out of term time the cost is £50 per hour and £150 per hour after 5pm and at weekends.  The system will ask users for a department cost code.

Events: Should you like to book events in the Chapel please contact 

The space will be available to use for events from 5.30pm until 10.30pm weeknights and from 08.30 to 10.30pm Saturday/Sunday and out of term time.. The cost will be £150 per hour (covering staffing, cleaning, utility costs). If catering is required this is an additional cost.

Please note:

St Luke's Chapel is primarily a teaching/lecture space so priority is given to that. When all the lectures bookings have been entered for each term (ie the Friday before term starts), people will be then be able to book any remaining space for daytime meetings.

When booking through the FM Help Desk, please add into the comments you require laptop, projector and screen. If you have any problems with making a lecture or meeting room booking, your main point of contact is the Facilities helpdesk.



    • Seminar Room, 3rd Floor of the Radcliffe Humanities Building (30 in Boardroom style, 60 in Theatre style). Full AV suite in the room.  The space is available under the ROQ Shared Space agreement. The availability of the Seminar Room is dictated purely by when space isn't needed by the TORCH Networks and Programmes. 


    It is easier to book in outside of term time in the room as many of TORCH's networks and programmes don’t operate outside of term.


    • Two rooms available Ryle (capacity 20) and Lecture Room (capacity 60). 

    Please bear in mind that bookings cannot be taken by Philosophy until their lecture list has been confirmed.  The space is available under the ROQ Shared Space agreement.



    • Maths meeting rooms/lecture theatres are not under the ROQ Shared Space agreement.
    • Prices

      Seminar rooms, seating 60, 60 and 40 respectively for £50 an hour.

      Lecture theatres, seating 360, 210 and 110 for £150 an hour

      All these rooms are available 9am-5pm. Outside of those times would incur further costs for opening.

    How to book

    Please note that we cannot book directly so the steps for booking the room are: 


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