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Statement of Safety Organisation

The arrangements for health and safety within the Department are laid out in the NDPCHS SoSO. Copies are located on the Health & Safety notice board, and in the Departmental Administrator's office.

Useful contacts:

Reception: (6)17855
Departmental Safety Officer (Jessy Morton): (6)17855
Divisional Safety Officers:  (2)89203 
Security (24hrs): (2)72944
Emergency (2)89999

Fire: Radcliffe Primary Care Building

Fire alarms are tested regularly every Friday between 8.00 and 9.00 am

If you discover a fire

  • Operate the nearest Fire Alarm Call Point.
  • Evacuate by the nearest exit, closing all internal doors behind you.
  • Report to the Assembly Point located at the external bike racks outside the south end of the maths building ie walk towards the Blavatnic building/Walton Street and away from the Woodstock Road – see diagram below.

On hearing the alarm

  • Evacuate by the nearest exit, closing all internal doors behind you.
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until told to do so by either a Fire Marshal, Departmental Administrator or University Security Services
  • Report to the Assembly Point as above and below
  • Assemble in your Groups and ascertain whether anyone is believed to be missing. 
  • Report any problems to either the Fire Marshals or to University Security Services.


Contacting the Emergency Services

The University Security Service (USS) is alerted directly as soon as a Fire Alarm Call point is operated. However, if you know of a fire occurring in the building ensure the Fire Brigade are contacted either by informing a Fire Marshall, or USS, or directly yourself.  Remember your own safety is paramount at all times.

First Aid: Radcliffe Primary Care Building

If you have an accident and are hurt in any way – Contact a First Aider

Departmental First Aiders are:                                                                                             

  • Susannah Fleming, (1st floor, tel 89220)
  • Shanim Gurung (ground floor, data room)
  • Marloes Franssen (ground floor , tel 17845)
  • Jenny Riga (ground floor , tel 17959)

Contact details of all First Aiders are located by the first aid kits.

There is a First Aid kit located in all kitchen areas. 

ALL accidents and incidents must be reported. You must record it in the accident book located at Reception.

Fire: Gibson Building

Fire alarm testing takes place from 9-10am on Fridays.

Fire Marshall: Caroline Jordan

If you discover a fire

  • Sound the alarm by operation of the nearest glass unit
  • Dial (9) 999 and report the fire at: Gibson building, Radcliffe Observatory quarter, Woodstock road, Oxford OX2 6GG
  • Attack the fire if possible but without taking personal risk.
  • Do not use a liquid extinguisher on an electrical fire.
  • Leave the building by the nearest exit.

On hearing the alarm

  • Leave the building by the nearest exit and close your office door as you leave.
  • Do not delay to collect personal belongings.
  • Proceed to the fire assembly point, on the large tarmac area next to Jericho Health Centre car park.
  • Do not re-enter the building until advised to do so.

First Aid: Gibson Building

If you require a First Aider, Please contact one of the following:

  • Jeremy Welch (2)89867
  • Amy Thomas (2)80129
  • Sarfraz Ali (2)80041
  • Out of hours - contact OU security Services (2) 89999

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

A variety of ‘work related upper limb disorders’ may be associated with DSE use. Therefore, all users are required to have a DSE assessment to ensure that good ergonomic principles are followed and correct posture is adopted. A list of trained DSE assessors is contained in the SoSO.

Visiting patients/volunteers

If as part of your work you plan to visit patients or volunteers, particularly in their own home, you must meet with Clare Wickings (HR Manager) or Graham Ross /Julie Hamilton (Divisional Safety Officers) and comply with the departmental policy on visiting volunteers in their homes.

Office Security

Please be aware of the security of personal items and departmental equipment. You are advised to lock away personal items such as hand bags and mobile phones in a secure desk drawer, and if you are supplied with Laptops/Notebooks, you are advised to lock them away in a secure drawer when away from the office.

Each office in the Gibson building is lockable and a master set of keys are kept at Reception - contact

Armed attack guidance


> What to do in the event of an armed attack (pdf)

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