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Operational Parking

The site strategy works as follows:

  • Any parking on the ROQ site will be managed as a site-wide service, but departments to note that ‘commuter parking’ is not available.
  • Operational parking is defined as service and maintenance vehicles, Library delivery vehicles, VIP parking and limited staff parking in exceptional circumstances. ( e.g. Collecting/ dropping off items and driving out of the premises within 2 hours of arrival).
  • The ROQ is not part of the University’s central parking scheme, holders of Peak/Off-Peak Permits do not have rights to park on the ROQ.
  • Any authorised parking must meet the operational parking criteria.
  • NB: Departments are not given an ‘allocation’ of spaces for the department to issue parking, but should follow this site strategy. This strategy enables us to be flexible for example, you may have an event with VIP needs, and subject to availability, we can be flexible to meet your needs.

If you need to book an operational space, you must contact to arrange the online booking. Please note, that you would be able to drive to drop items off at PRC or Gibson and then park at the Maths building Car park if applicable. No one should park outside the buildings longer than 15 mins.

In order to be able to complete the online form, RPC reception team will need the following details:

Arrival time
Departure time:
Car registration:

If commuting on the day is an issue and park & ride is not suitable for your needs, you might find it helpful to consider the following parking alternatives located near the offices:

Walton Well Road car park (Port Meadow South)
Nearby postcode: OX2 6ED

Monday - Sunday
0 to 1 hour: £0.60 
1 to 3 hours: £1.50
3 to 5 hours: £2.50
5 to 24 hours: £10.40
(*) please check terms and conditions before parking.

Directions to Radcliffe Observatory Quarter ( approximately 4 mins walk)

Peak Permit Holders' Parking


  • All staff are entitled to apply for an annual off peak parking permit (cost: £20) which allows you to park in the Central Parking sites.  
  • View a pdf showing the locations of the central parking sites (click on the link under the ‘Documents’ section on the right hand side of the page). 
  • To apply for an off peak permit, download the off peak permit form and return it to
  • Note that the parking year runs from 1st October - 30th September.  The cost is £20 regardless of the time of year you apply for a pass.

Disabled Parking

  • There are blue badge disabled parking bays both outside RPC and Gibson building.  A blue badge must be displayed.