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Please contact the grants team at at least 10 working days prior the funder deadline to allow 5 working days for them to put together your costing (including appropriate University overheads) and return an X5 system output to you for checking/ adjustment before submitting to University Research Services. 

Clinical Trials

If your project will require input from the Clinical Trials Unit you will need to complete and submit a ‘Request for Support’ form to Emma Ogburn (CTU Operational Director) 10 working days prior contacting the grants team to input costs to X5. This means contacting the CTU 4 weeks before the funder deadline

Head of Department and other departmental signature and support documentation

Applications requiring sign off by the Head of Department or Departmental Administrator, or requiring signed letters of support will need to have gone through the above costing (and CTU) processes before signature or letter of support can be completed.  Please contact to check availability to sign off with at least 3 days’ notice

If documents have not gone through the necessary channels then a Head of Department or Departmental Administrator signature or letter of support may not be possible.

Departmental signoff and letters of support may occur simultaneously with the University Research Services checking (ie during the 5 working days prior to funder deadline) so long as availability of signatory has been checked in advance.