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Please be aware that December and January are busy months for the HR team and payroll processing dates are earlier than usual.  It would be appreciated if you could give the team as much notice as possible of recruitments, payroll changes, casual workers, visitors etc; but in particular please note the following deadlines:





Notification of December changes for Main Payroll (eg hours)

Tuesday 3 December


Casual payroll claim forms to be received by HR team for payment in December payroll

Thursday 28 November


For work completed up to 29 November

Casual payroll claim forms to be received by HR team for payment in January payroll

Thursday 2 January

For work completed up to 29 December

Overtime and other ad hoc payment submission

Tuesday 3 December



To post an advert before Christmas (to close in January)

Monday 2 December

Job advert, job description and finance approval, to HR by 2nd, for advert to go live before Christmas

To close an advert or interview in December.

You are probably too late unless it has been agreed already, please discuss asap with Clare Wickings.