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An allocation of £1m is available within the University from Research England’s Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) for research activity that supports evidence-based policy making with local, regional, national and international structures (including parliament, central government, devolved administrations, local government, health and education bodies, the justice system and other regulatory organisations).

Proposals for eligible activity are invited, which should be submitted via the attached application form to Caroline Taylor in Research Services ( The deadline for receipt of proposals is 9 December 2019. We apologise for the short deadline but have only recently been notified of the funding requirements.

Funds must be spent by 31 March 2020, therefore priority will be given to activities already underway (dating back to 1 August 2019), and/or where completion by this date is guaranteed. However, proposals for future activities may also be put forward, as it is anticipated that further funding for this purpose will be available in 2020/21.

Relevant activity which might be eligible to receive funding from this allocation includes:

  • New research activity working in partnership with policymakers, particularly to better understand local, regional or national challenges;
  • Extending existing related research activity;
  • Facilitating the use of existing research and the exchange of knowledge between universities and policymakers;
  • Activity aimed at improving the dialogue between universities and policymakers;
  • Activity and training to better equip academics, including postgraduate researchers and early career researchers, to communicate effectively with policymakers;
  • Partnerships and collaborations aimed at supporting evidence-based policymaking;
  • The exchange of people, e.g. staff secondments, contributing towards professional doctorates in policy, joint PhDs, etc.

> SPF Policy Application Form

Informal enquiries regarding the scope of activities may be made to William Pryor, Head of Policy Engagement (