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The department has a strong track record in supporting academic clinical fellows (ACF) and early career researchers (ECR) in achieving funding for further academic training fellowships, including NIHR and Wellcome Doctoral Research Fellowships. Links for these major funders can be found below:

Please be aware that that application deadlines vary throughout the year.  Preparing such a fellowship application may take at least 3 to 6 months, so start early.

Also, take in account further specific information and deadlines related to the departmental grant application process as you prepare your application (see our departmental grant support here)

Candidates who wish to obtain a substantive research fellowship but who are not successful in doing this during their ACF post will have the opportunity to apply for other funding where available e.g. NIHR In-Practice Fellowship, departmental bridging funds, or a GP Career Progression Fellowship funded by the NIHR School for Primary Care Research.

Further information

Explore the Medical Research Council's (MRC) interactive research careers frameworks.

Visit Women in Science interviews with Oxford clinical academics (and others) who share their career experiences; and podcasts by leading women scientists.

View profiles and career paths of some of our clinical academic doctors.