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The conference and research funds budget exists to assist PGR students who

  • are unfunded; or
  • whose funder/supervisor does not provide any financial support for conference attendance or other relevant research activity; or
  • whose funder/supervisor provides some limited financial support for these activities, but where the external funding available is less than the maximum departmental funding available. In this case, students may apply to the fund for a ‘top up’, where the total funding from whatever sources must not exceed the departmental maximum. For example, if your funder provides up to £500 for conference attendance, you may apply to the department for a maximum additional amount of £250.


  1. Applications for financial support will only be considered if you have discussed the proposed activity with your supervisors and they approve of the proposal, and if you have exhausted all other potential funding sources with your supervisors.
  2. You must also seek funding for the proposed activity from your college. It is expected that all colleges will be able to provide some financial support, but the department acknowledges that the nature and volume of funding available varies by college.
  3. You must provide evidence that all other potential sources of funding have been exhausted as part of your application.
  4. Applications must have the full support of the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and the Head of Administration & Finance, as well as your supervisors.
  5. Under the terms of this policy, ‘conference and research funds’ comprise:




Maximum funding available per student during the DPhil

Conference attendance

Must be required by your research and where you will be presenting your work. Please include the department’s name and logo on your poster or title slide of your presentation. Presenters may be asked to do a rehearsal session in the department before the conference.

Up to £2,250


Must be necessary for and directly relevant to your research project.[1]

Up to £3,600

Some Open Access costs

The department will support a contribution towards:

-           One paper per student, to be published at the end of a successful DPhil; and in addition

-           Papers which will be published in a journal with an impact factor of =/>15 and/or the top-ranked journal in the discipline area; and

-           Papers which the department expects to submit as part of the next REF exercise.

Up to £1,500 indicative figure per paper meeting the stated conditions




The following factors will be taken into account in considering your application:

  • Cost.
  • Any other activity that has been funded by the department.
  • Where relevant, reviews of training provision previously submitted.

If your request for funding is not granted, the reason for this will be given.


Applications can be made at any time and must be submitted on the department application form, available from the Graduate Studies Officer, Daniel Long.

How to apply

  1. Please complete the application form, print and obtain your supervisors’ signatures, then forward the form to Daniel Long for review by the DGS/Head of Administration & Finance.
  2. You will be notified within two weeks whether the application is accepted. 

If your application is approved

  1. You will be provided with the conference fund cost centre number. 
  2. If you can pay and then reclaim once the costs have been incurred, complete an expense claim form and pass it to the Finance Team for processing.
  3. If the department is to be invoiced directly for some or all of the costs, email the Finance team, attaching your approved application form to your email.

[1] Full-time students wishing to attend Evidence-Based Health Care modules run by the University’s Department for Continuing Education should read the policy for full-time students attending such courses (appended).

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