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The department is committed to providing a suite of training sessions during Michaelmas and Hilary terms to introduce our new students to some of the skills and areas that will be useful to them as they move through their DPhil. Existing students in the department are also more than welcome to attend.

MT19 / HT20:

Date Title Session leader
Thursday 24 October Communications Dan Richards-Doran/Alice Crouch
Wednesday 30 October Foundations of Statistics for DPhils Richard Stevens
Tuesday 05 November Cochrane Reviews Jamie Hartmann-Boyce/Jon Livingston-Banks
Tuesday 12 November Foundations of Qualitative Research for DPhil Charlotte Albury/Catherine Pope
Wednesday 27 November Clinical Trials Ly-Mee Yu
Tuesday 28 January The Basics of Writing Grant Proposals  Andrew Farmer
Thursday 06 February The NIHR Andrew Farmer

Please contact Tim Jones if you have any queries regarding this.