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DPhil Stipends

The department is committed to ensuring that all students holding financial awards to fund their DPhils benefit from a practical minimum level of stipend. Many awards offer stipends at the standard UKRI minimum level; however the department recognises that Oxford can be an expensive place to live and so is committed to topping-up stipends to the meet the UKRI inside London minimum (pro rata for part-time students). Stipends that already meet this minimum will not be topped-up by the department. This policy will be implemented from April 2021. 

The UKRI inside London level for the next two years is:






Research Training & Support Grant (RTSG)

All students who do not have a RTSG within their funding award can claim up to a maximum of £3,000 from the department for this purpose over the lifetime of their studies. Students who have a RTSG within their award that does not total £3,000 over the lifetime of their studies can apply for the difference if required. These funds must be applied for via the Graduate Studies Officer using the form Application form_Conference and Research Funds for PGRs. This policy will be implemented from the start of Michaelmas Term 2021.