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Admission Deadline

There is one formal admission deadline for admissions per year - in early December (for 2022/23 admission this is 12:00 noon on the 09 December 2023). However, we can (and usually do) potentially continue to admit students in an "open field" up until the end of August each year as long as we have sufficient student places, we can secure a college place for them (which can be problematic the closer to August we get) and bearing in mind visa processing times.


Admission Procedures

Short-listed candidates are interviewed by at least five academics, only one of which can be a potential supervisor. The interviews take place prior to the closing date for nominations to the Medical Sciences Divisional Funding Competition. Please note that if a candidate has failed to achieve at least a strong upper second class honours (or the international equivalent) in their undergraduate degree we need to make a successful application for a waiver of this requirement. The application for the waiver is decided upon by the Chair of the Division's Graduation Studies Committee, on behalf of the Medical Sciences Board. This is also the case for the English language test waiver.


Student numbers

Each Division in the University has a restricted number of postgraduate places. These are allotted to departments centrally by each Division. If anyone is planning to obtain funds for studentships in the future it is important to contact the DGS so we can include these in our student planning negotiations.



The Department often has several studentships and fellowships linked to funded research programmes as well as the NIHR School for Primary Care Research scholarships and fellowships. Again anyone who is planning to obtain funds for a studentship should contact the DGS as soon as possible to discuss it.

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