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HuC is a neural-specific member of the Elav family of RNA-binding proteins. This highly conserved gene family plays a crucial role in neurogenesis, and HuC (HGMW-approved symbol ELAVL3) is expressed at an early stage of neural development. Using a novel tyramide fluorescence in situ hybridization (T-FISH) technique, we localized HuC to chromosome 19p13.2. This localization was confirmed by radiation hybrid mapping and coincides with that of HuR (HGMW-approved symbol ELAVL1), another elav family member. Dual T-FISH analysis with HuC and HuR probes, however, indicated distinct loci, with HuC being centromeric to HuR. This study demonstrates the utility of T-FISH in colocalizing two genes on the same chromosomal preparation using only biotinylated probes.

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296 - 299