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Background: Neuroscience is now promising significant advances in medical practice, such that it can improve the art and science of personalized medicine. A new discipline of cultural neuroscience is now forming, and few clinicians, researchers or educators are aware of it. Aims: To set out a brief synopsis of cultural neuroscience. Methods: A narrative, nonsystematic, review of experts on cultural psychiatry and cultural neuroscience. Results: Cultural neuroscience proposes that culture and biology have co-evolved with mutually beneficial affordances inhuman abilities that promote positive selection that help people to flourish. Neuroscience can support and improve cultural interventions when applied in a pan-diagnostic manner to culturally specific groups, ethnic minorities, and migrants. Conclusions: Cultural neuroscience is an exciting new discipline with the potential for clinical benefit. Cultural psychiatry can advance in this direction, and at the same time offer a critique of the culture of neuroscience.

Original publication




Journal article


Nordic Journal of Psychiatry

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S5 - S8