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Two surveys were carried out to audit the Avon Neonatal BCG Immunization Policy. The aim of the audit was to determine whether children with indications for neonatal BCG immunization had received the vaccine before attendance at routine six-week postnatal examination. In the first survey, 15 of 359 (4.2 per cent) infants were identified as eligible for BCG, of whom only two (13.3 per cent) had received it. These findings were discussed with the medical and nursing staff involved in the care of the infants in Avon, and action was taken to improve compliance with the policy. The survey was then repeated to complete the loop of the audit cycle and to observe whether the action taken had the desired effect. Forty of 644 (6.2 per cent) infants were identified as being eligible for BCG immunization in the repeat survey, of whom 32 (80 per cent) had received it. There was a statistically significant difference in results between the first and the second survey (p < 0.0001). It is concluded that completion of the audit cycle can markedly improve clinical practice.

Original publication




Journal article


J Public Health Med

Publication Date





389 - 392


BCG Vaccine, England, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Health Policy, Humans, Immunization, Immunization Schedule, Infant, Newborn, Utilization Review