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My list of 66 medically related anniversaries for 2023 (events in years ending ’23 and’73) includes:
● foundation of the Chelsea Physic Garden (1673);
● foundation of The Lancet by Thomas Wakley (October 1823);
● Roe v Wade (1973);
● Twenty five births include: Hans Berger, German neurologist; Aimé Bonpland, French physician and botanist; Alexis Carrel, French surgeon and Nobel prize winner; Lloyd Conover, American pharmaceutical chemist; Félix d'Herelle, French-Canadian microbiologist; Théodore de Mayerne, Swiss physician; Carl Djerassi, American pharmaceutical chemist and novelist; Sigismund Elsholtz, German physician, botanist, and alchemist; Daniel Gajdusek, American virologist; Beatrix Hamburg, American psychiatrist; Richard Mead, English physician; Arthur Jensen, American educational psychologist; Otto Loewi, German pharmacologist; Georg Balthasar Metzger, German physician and scientist; William P Murphy Jr, American physician and inventor of medical devices; William Petty, English physician and political economist; Arnold S Relman, American physician and editor; Caspar Schamberger, German surgeon; Giovanni Antonio Scopoli, Italian physician and scientist; Ludwik Teichmann, Polish physician and anatomist; Alfred Russell Wallace, English naturalist; and Thomas Young, English scientist and polymath;
● Thirteen deaths include: Francis Anthony, English apothecary, physician, and alchemist; Matthew Baillie, Scottish physician and pathologist; John Caius, English physician; Regnier De Graaf, Dutch physician, physiologist, and anatomist; Walter Rudolf Hess, Swiss physiologist; Edward Jenner, English physician; Dickinson W Richards, American physician; Wilhelm Röntgen, German physicist; Antony van Leeuwenhoek, Dutch microscopist; Justus von Liebig, German chemist; and Selman Waksman, Ukrainian-American biochemist;
● Eleven biomedical texts published, written by Avicenna, Persian physician, astronomer, and philosopher; Gaspard Bauhin, Swiss botanist; William Budd, English physician; Aleixeu de Abreu, Portuguese physician and tropical pathologist; John Lelamour, English schoolmaster; Lucretius, Roman poet and philosopher; Marcello Malpighi, Italian physician; Girolamo Mercuriale, Italian physician; Raymond Pearl, American biologist; Costanzo Varolio, Italian anatomist and physician; Charles White, English physician; and Wilhelm Wundt, German physiologist;
● compilation of the Lelamour Herbal by John Lelamour, English schoolmaster (1373);
● anatomical, biochemical, haematological, microbiological, and physiological observations by Gasparus Aselli, Italian physician; Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen, Norwegian physician; William Prout, English chemist, physician, and theologian; Gaston Ramon, French biologist; Hilaire-Marin Rouelle, French chemist; and Antony van Leeuwenhoek, Dutch microscopist;
● Foundation of the pharmaceutical companies Novo Nordisk in Denmark (1923) and Sanofi in France (1973);
● Nobel prizes awarded to Banting and Macleod (1923) and to von Frisch, Lorenz, and Tinbergen (1973).

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