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The involvement of service users in social work education is longstanding, and there exists a rich body of research which explores the perceptions, attitudes and experiences of service users, academics and students in relation to this involvement. However, existing reviews of the literature conclude that few studies examine the impact of service user involvement in education on subsequent social work practice. This scoping review takes a broader approach, by mapping research which evaluates the impact on practice of service user involvement in education across domains of health and social care. Utilising the PRISMA guidance on scoping reviews, we conducted a systematic search of articles published between 2003 and 2021. The search generated six qualitative and three mixed methods studies for inclusion, which were analysed using narrative synthesis. All studies supported the claim that involvement of service users in professional education can make a constructive contribution to practice. The review highlights four themes from the studies: the application of transformative learning; impact on outcomes; influence on organisational practice; and challenges to integrating learning into practice. These themes provide a foundation for identifying potential future directions for research and pedagogical practice on service user involvement within social work education.

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