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© 2015, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Background: Anemia and hypoalbuminemia (HA) are acknowledged independent risk factors for morbidity and mortality in geriatric patients and are associated with nutritional status and frailty. Data exist regarding the association between albumin and frailty, anemia and frailty as well as frailty and nutritional status; however, there is a lack of information on the association between HA, anemia and nutritional status in older people. Patients and methods: This study retrospectively analyzed 626 patients admitted to a German geriatrics department (average age 81.1 years, 68.2 % female and 31.8 % male) for anemia and HA. Data from the comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) and from the mini-nutritional assessment (MNA) were available in all patients. Results: Patients with anemia suffered significantly more often from HA (p < 0.001) than patients without anemia, with an odds ratio (OR) of 1.99 (95 % confidence interval CI: 1.2-3.2) and of 5.41 (CI 95 %: 2.3-12.6) in patients at risk for malnutrition and in malnourished patients, respectively. A moderately significant association was seen between hemoglobin (Hb) and albumin values (Pearson’s correlation r = 0.330; p < 0.001) as well as between albumin values and the Barthel index (Spearman’s correlation r = 0.210; p < 0.001). Conclusion: Anemia appears to be a risk factor for HA in inpatients with malnutrition and the observed association between albumin and Hb warrants further research. Geriatric inpatients with anemia should be evaluated in terms of the presence of malnutrition risk and HA.

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Journal article


Zeitschrift fur Gerontologie und Geriatrie

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619 - 624