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Introduction: Craniofacial fibrous dysplasia commonly affects the larger mandible and the maxillary bones. Although involvement of the frontal, temporal and sphenoid bones has been described, fibrous dysplasia of the nasal bone has not been previously described; the two cases reported here have been made rarer by their isolated involvement. Clinical management is dependent on disease activity and patient symptoms. Objective: To present two cases of isolated fibrous dysplasia of the nasal bone: a 46-year-old woman with gradual widening of the nasal bridge and a 47-year-old man with an incidental finding of a nasal bone mass. Method: Two case reports. Results: The 46-year-old woman underwent excision of the lesion while the 47-year-old man opted for watchful waiting. Conclusion: We have presented the first case reports of fibrous dysplasia of the nasal bone. The care of these patients should be customised to their needs and wishes. Copyright © JLO (1984) Limited 2013Â.

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Journal article


Journal of Laryngology and Otology

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1152 - 1154