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Epidemiology and microbiology of recurrent UTI in women in the community in Oxfordshire, UK.

Journal article

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Long-term consequences of urinary tract infection in Childhood (LUCI): Electronic population-based cohort study

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Point-of-Care Viral Load Testing to Manage HIV Viremia during the Rollout of Dolutegravir-Based ART in South Africa: A Randomized Feasibility Study (POwER)

Journal article

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Innovative methods of recruitment through the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) into large-scale pandemic trials in primary care: the PANORAMIC trial experience

Journal article

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Antibiotics for lower respiratory tract infection in children presenting in primary care: ARTIC-PC RCT.

Journal article

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Experiences of urine collection devices during suspected Urinary Tract Infections: qualitative study

Journal article

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