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Availability of results of clinical trials registered on EU Clinical Trials Register: cross sectional audit study

Journal article

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Dissemination of Registered COVID-19 Clinical Trials (DIRECCT): a cross-sectional study.

Journal article

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Preventable deaths involving opioids in England and Wales, 2013-2022: a systematic case series of coroners' reports

Journal article

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Increasing the Reporting Quality of Clinical Trials-No Easy Solutions?

Journal article

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Research, promotion, and practice of open science at the Bennett Institute

Conference paper

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Estimating the effect of COVID-19 on trial design characteristics: A registered report

Journal article

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Generative AI for medical research

Journal article

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New UK clinical trials legislation will prioritise transparency

Journal article

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Sharing study materials in health and medical research.

Journal article

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Software development skills for health data researchers

Journal article

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Issues with reporting and interpretation of Khan et al. 2021.

Journal article

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Improving medical research in the United Kingdom.

Journal article

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Trends and variation in data quality and availability on the European Union Clinical Trials Register: A cross-sectional study

Journal article

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The Open Science Framework at Oxford


Stewart S. et al, (2022)

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