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Effect of oral dexamethasone without immediate antibiotics vs placebo on acute sore throat in adults a randomized clinical trial

Journal article

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The Effect of an Online Cognitive Training Package in Healthy Older Adults: An Online Randomized Controlled Trial

Journal article

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Ketamine infusions for treatment resistant depression: A series of 28 patients treated weekly or twice weekly in an ECT clinic

Journal article

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Protective CD8 + T-cell immunity to human malaria induced by chimpanzee adenovirus-MVA immunisation

Journal article

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Effectiveness of using a behavioural intervention to improve dietary fibre intakes in children with constipation

Journal article

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A role for solvents in the toxicity of agricultural organophosphorus pesticides

Journal article

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CD4 T cell response to MVA85A vaccination against Mycobacterium tuberculosis in healthy HIV-infected adults

Conference paper

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Maintenance of immune response throughout childhood following serogroup C meningococcal conjugate vaccination in early childhood

Journal article

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