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GPs’ use of gut feelings when assessing cancer risk: A qualitative study in UK primary care

Journal article

Smith CF. et al, (2021), British Journal of General Practice, 71, E356 - E363

Authors' reply to Soljak, Robson and colleagues, and Kelly

Journal article

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Supporting patients with female genital mutilation in primary care: A qualitative study exploring the perspectives of GPS' working in England

Journal article

Dixon S. et al, (2020), British Journal of General Practice, 70, E749 - E756

Polyphonic perspectives on health and care: Reflections from two decades of the DIPEx project.

Journal article

Ziebland S. et al, (2020), J Health Serv Res Policy

How do frontline staff use patient experience data for service improvement? Findings from an ethnographic case study evaluation

Journal article

Locock L. et al, (2020), Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, 25, 151 - 161

General Practitioner's use of online resources during medical visits: managing the boundary between inside and outside the clinic

Journal article

Stevenson F. et al, (2019), Sociology of Health and Illness, 41, 65 - 81

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