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State of the Nation Report. Digital horizon: Building an innovative health system. Phase Two: Heath Digitisation Roundtable. Accelerating the adoption of digital tools in the NHS: learning the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. "Prevention of Heart Disease Exemplar". Beth Lawson



Department of Primary Care Health Sciences Department Open Meeting, 22 April 2021:

"Responding to the Challenges of COVID-19 in research: Remote delivery of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring". Dr Laura Armitage

“SuMMiT-D and EDGE2: The translation of digital innovation into clinical care.” Dr Nikki Newhouse



Bristol Interaction Group, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK. Title: "SuMMiT-D: how might we use text messages to support people with type II diabetes?". Dr Nikki Newhouse



Bristol CDT, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK. Title: “Tech-for-health: why so much of it is rubbish and what we can do to make it better.” Dr Nikki Newhouse




PPI Research Training Webinar, NIHR ARC & NIHR BRC. Title: “Qualitative Research: what is it and how do we do it?”. Dr Nikki Newhouse



NordiCHI'20 Extended Abstracts, Oct 2020, Tallinn, Estonia. Title: "Mating in Captivity: why is everyone (still) so uncomfortable talking about sex?"  Dr Nikki Newhouse



Psychology Department, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK. Title: “Digital Health: pitfalls and promise.” (podcast). Dr Nikki Newhouse



34th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society. Bratislava, Slovakia. Title: "Implementing a brief messaging system for diabetes medication adherence in general practice: A qualitative study." Dr Nikki Newhouse (online poster)



School of Academic Primary Care Annual Scientific Meeting. Leeds, UK. Title: "SuMMiT-D - Formative development of a mobile-health based system to support type 2 diabetes medication adherence in primary care: qualitative study with British South Asian patients." Dr Nikki Newhouse (oral presentation - postponed)



British Psychological Society Division of Health Psychology Annual Scientific Meeting. Bristol, UK. Title: "Behaviour change technique (BCT) text messages: Changes in psychological constructs related to medication adherence for diabetes." Dr Nikki Newhouse (oral presentation)



Dr Nikki Newhouse was invited to be a panellist in a "How Can HCI Researchers Address the Coronavirus Crisis?” talk hosted by NORTHLab. Click here to see a full write up of Nikki’s talk. Dr Nikki Newhouse


Oxford Brookes University. Title: "Can technology save the NHS?". Dr Nikki Newhouse



Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) 48th Annual Scientific Meeting 2019

Society for Academic Primary Care 2019 Conference in Exeter

Talks by the team:

Monitoring of Hip Injury Patients (MoHIP): Feasibility of using a wearable activity monitor to better understand recovery of mobility in patients who have sustained a hip fracture.

Dr Laura Armitage


SuMMiT-D - Formative development of a mobile-device based system to support type 2 diabetes medication adherence in primary care: qualitative studies with patients and healthcare staff.

Dr Nikki Newhouse


Deploying glucose and physical activity self-monitoring technologies to people at moderate-to-high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes: a randomised feasibility trial

Dr Maxine Whelan

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