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We’re excited to announce the launch of Health Experience Insights (HEXI) from the Medical Sociology and Health Experiences Research Group in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford.

HEXI is an invaluable resource that shares insights and experiences from people living with a wide range of health conditions, from bowel cancer to long covid to suicide bereavement. Through personal interviews and videos, patients share unique and real perspective that go beyond symptoms and treatments, offering deep insights into the broader impact of health on every aspect of our lives.  

First launched in 2001 and previously published by, HEXI offers updated and refreshed access to the first-hand accounts, gathered by dedicated academics at the University of Oxford and collaborating universities. HEXI was first created by Dr Ann McPherson and Dr Andrew Herxheimer who envisaged a database of peoples experience of healthcare treatment. Each of the modules follows a rigorous qualitative research methodology set out by Ann and Andrew, including a maximum variation sampling method and an open-ended interview technique, so participants and audiences can rely on the ethical foundations of the platform.  

Professor Sue Ziebland, Co-director of the Medical Sociology and Health Experiences Research Group, said: The modules hosted on HEXI are a vital and important resource supporting research and helping members of the public to feel better prepared, informed and less alone in managing their health. The new HEXI platform upholds the rigorous research methodology created by Anne and Andrew more than 20 years ago. By hosting the refreshed platform, we can guarantee that this invaluable resource remains freely available, sustainable and more current.  

HEXI will formally launch later this year, along with the publication of two new research projects. The new sections will explore peoples’ experiences of thrush and experiences of knee and hip replacements for people with comorbidities. The updated site will be freely available for anyone to access via