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Researchers at the University of Oxford would like to interview you about your experiences. Interviews will contribute to a health website,, run by a charity and supported by the Department of Health.

Many people with pre-eclampsia can feel anxious or concerned:
What will it be like?
How can I prepare myself? is an award winning website that will answer questions like these by providing access to the experiences of others who have faced the same concerns. On the website you will be able to watch video clips, listen to the voices or read the accounts of people relating their experiences of pre-eclampsia, and how it affected them.

Taking part in the project would involve being interviewed about your experiences of pre-eclampsia, including what has happened to you, what your thoughts and feelings have been at different stages, how you have received information, how you have made decisions and what have been the good and bad parts of the experience. Health professionals can also learn from your story and use it to think how they can improve the way in which they interact with patients.

If you would like to take part, a researcher would come to interview you at your home or elsewhere if you prefer.


Sign up for further information about how you can participate 

For more information on taking part, please contact James Duffy or Lisa Hinton:

Telephone: 0800 13 80 455


Text: Hope to 60066





Study approved by Berkshire Research Ethics Committee 12/SC/0495

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