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The Institute provides an enhanced interface between its world-class research facilities and teaching through the co-location of primary care undergraduate teaching and Master’s programmes. 


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Applied Digital Health

In addition, in 2022 the Institute launched a new Master’s programme in Applied Digital Health to build a competent and skilled workforce that can bridge the knowledge gap between healthcare and digital technologies.


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Translational Health Sciences

The social science of innovation: taking an interdisciplinary and applied approach to the challenges of implementing innovations and research discoveries in a healthcare setting.  Turning innovations into practical solutions for healthcare needs is an imperative – and one that can only become more urgent as demands on health systems increase. Our key focus in this Master's programme will be the ‘downstream’ phases of translational health sciences – the human, organisational and societal issues that impact on the adoption, dissemination and mainstreaming of research discoveries. We will address these issues using robust, interdisciplinary and practice-based approaches in this highly applied course.


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Evidence-Based Health Care

Our world-class programme of part-time graduate courses and professional short courses is designed to meet the interests and professional requirements of clinicians, scientists and researchers, working in a wide range of disciplines.



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 Global Healthcare Leadership

This part-time MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership is an intellectually rigorous and highly practical programme, designed to develop experienced leaders with the skills to deliver affordable, effective and efficient healthcare in complex global systems.  Designed for experienced healthcare managers and leaders with over five years' relevant professional experience, this multi-disciplinary Master’s degree is led by the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences in partnership with Saïd Business School, creating an innovative and integrated programme that harnesses the University’s world-leading expertise in healthcare, business and policy.


DPhil Projects


Name DPhil project

Annika Theodoulou

Investigating and addressing socioeconomic inequalities in smoking cessation behaviours and outcomes

Supervisors: Dr Jamie Hartmann-BoyceDr Nicola Lindson