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The next phase of the SuMMiT-D study, the main trial, is expected to launch during November 2020. Please contact your local participating practice or the SuMMiT-D team for more information!


SuMMiT-D has 5 work packages:

Work package 1:

We looked at previous research to learn as much as possible from what people have done before.


Work package 2:

We explored how to link up data from clinical care, identify helpful messages and ways to present them, develop a basic system to help people use medicines and test it in small groups to be sure it is acceptable.


Work package 3:

We tested the system in a group of people to see how it fits into the day-to-day lives of people using it and see which sort of messages are most helpful.


Work package 4:

We will test the system with people receiving usual care in a large trial.


Work package 5:

We will explore new opportunities offered by digital technology to offer better information and support to people with diabetes in the use of their medicines. We will look for ways to make use of this research for other conditions and for people who have more than one long-term condition.

Please contact your local participating practice or the SuMMiT-D team for more information!