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Alex Walker


Large database epidemiology

I am a non-clinical epidemiologist at the University of Oxford, with a particular interest in electronic healthcare record tools, time course analysis, risk stratification, prognosis modelling and novel computational methods in epidemiology.

I work at The DataLab in Oxford, primarily on OpenSAFELY and OpenPrescribing. My current activities include coordinating and conducting research within the OpenSAFELY platform, and working to build tools to make electronic health record research more transparent, reproducible and reusable.

Before coming to Oxford I was a Senior Research Fellow at The University of Nottingham, where I worked on a variety of projects relating to several disease areas, including; hepatitis C, cancer and venous thromboembolism. My work to date has mostly focused on using routinely collected data –data sources such as the CPRD, HES and ONS data– to answer pragmatic and clinically relevant questions. I completed my PhD in the Division of Epidemiology and Public Health at Nottingham, which involved pharmacoepidemiology, commonly prescribed drugs and cancer. Before that I completed a MSc in Oncology and a BSc in Biochemistry and Genetics.

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