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Anisa Hajizadeh

DPhil Researcher

DPHil thesis

Evaluating the management of obesity in UK primary care 

Research Interests

I am a public health researcher with an interest in health behaviours as an upstream and modifiable variable in health and disease. I am fascinated by how our daily decisions can promote a state of health and wellbeing, and the environmental influences that can act as confounders in these decisions. Currently, you can find me working on projects evaluating complex interventions for obesity. I serve as a Staff Champion for the Weight Management Public Panel and am keen on PPI to enrich the entire continuum of research.


I am proud to be an alumna of McMaster University, the birthplace of evidence-based medicine, where I completed both the Bachelor of Health Sciences (honours) and the Master of Public Health programmes.


Paul Aveyard, Rachna Begh, Min Gao

Recent publications

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