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Ariel Wang

MSc, PhD

Medical Statistician, Epidemiologist

I joined the department as a medical statistician, epidemiologist. My research interests include: diagnostic studies, risk prediction model, big data, missing data and multiple imputations, and trials (including RCTs). I'm a member of the hypertension team and currently working on the STRATIFY project and the MGUS project using the CPRD data, and the OPTIMISE project using the ORCHID data.

Prior to joining the PHC, I worked as a medical statistician in the Centre for Statistics in Medicine and Oxford Clinical Trial Research Unit in NDORMS. I contributed statistical expertise to the review of the protocol and data collection tools, design and conduct randomisation and blinding plans, statistical analysis plans. I also contributed to the randomisation monitoring, statistical analysis and reporting of trials across a range of clinical areas including diagnostic study, cancer, trauma, rehabilitation, surgical trials, as well as drug trials.

I hold a PhD in Health Sciences. My PhD research investigated the epidemiology of mental wellbeing in later life, from its distribution, determinants and consequences.