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Ariel Wang

MSc, PhD

Senior Statistician

I am a senior statistician in the hypertension team. My research interests include methodology studies, diagnostic studies, risk prediction models, big data, and trials (including RCTs). I work on the STRAtifying Treatments In the multi-morbid Frail elderlY (STRATIFY) project, where we develop prediction models to understand an individual’s risk of specific adverse events associated with antihypertensive treatment, and the OPtimising Treatment for MIld Systolic hypertension in the Elderly (OPTiMISE) project, which investigates whether and to what extent blood pressure medications can be safely reduced in poly-antihypertensives-medicated older patients. Currently, I lead the SPCR-funded methodology study Agreement of data Generated from Routine Electronic hEalth records across primary and secondary care and a randomised controlled trial (AGREE), which aims to provide reliable evidence pertaining to data accuracy.

Before joining the PHC, I worked as a medical statistician in the Centre for Statistics in Medicine and Oxford Clinical Trial Research Unit in NDORMS. I contributed statistical expertise to the statistical analysis and reporting of trials across a range of clinical areas including diagnostic study, cancer, trauma, rehabilitation, surgical trials, as well as drug trials.

I hold a PhD in Health Sciences. My PhD research focused on the epidemiology of mental well-being in later life and explored various aspects of mental well-being, including its distribution, determinants, and consequences.